Pacific Energy Systems is a multidisciplinary engineering firm providing services in the production, conversion, and transmission of energy for a variety of industries, utilities, financial institutions, private developers, and government agencies.
Founded in 1989 by John R. Martin, P.E., Pacific Energy Systems has provided engineering and project management services to over 80 clients on more than 160 projects worldwide.
Our associates are Pacific Energy Systems’ fundamental resource. Our senior engineers average more than 30 years experience – experience working with real power plants, solving real problems with solutions that can’t come just from a textbook. Whether we’re conducting due diligence or an O&M audit and evaluation, whether we’re solving a technical problem or monitoring a plant commissioning, we have the depth and breadth of experience to understand what goes into making a plant run well and what it takes to turn around a non-performing plant; we know the many options available in order to arrive at the most practical and effective solution to a problem; and we know what it takes to ensure a plant will run as smoothly and effectively after 15 years as it did when it was commissioned.
Pacific Energy Systems’ associates are experienced in the following engineering disciplines and technical services:
Mechanical Construction Management
Electrical Design Review
Acoustical Project Development
Control Systems Capital Improvement Design
Solid Waste Management Specification Development
Project Management Due Diligence
Power Plant Development Cost Estimating
Operations Planning & Evaluation Asset Assessment
Environmental Permitting Regulatory Affairs
Strategic Planning Electric & Gas Industry Restructuring
We have built a solid reputation for approaching each assignment by listening to our clients in order to fully understand the project’s needs from the client’s perspective.  And, we believe we have the skills and resources to help you optimize your operating systems, develop new and efficient energy resources, and take full advantage of the opportunities generated by restructuring of the energy industries.

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